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Our Story

Momack Produce is owned by two farming families, Motta and Raffa, with more than 50 years of vegetable farming experience since the 1960s spanning across three generations.

The secret lies in the unique black soil (or “black gold” as we like to call it) in the region that is not only highly fertile, but organic, and cannot be resembled anywhere else in the world.


We are fortunate to have a perfect combination of air, water, soil, climate and terrain conditions that continually grows the best asparagus. We call it a perfect “terroir”, like what is needed to produce the best wine.

The Motta family have since progressively purchased more land with farms throughout the region.

After years of growing a wide variety of vegetables, Charlie saw an opportunity in the asparagus market. In 1984 the business decided to dedicate the land solely to the production of asparagus as the export market was booming and local demand on the rise . . .

As well as continuing to grow the asparagus, the family made the decision to evolve the business to include the packing operation of asparagus in 1988 . . .


The Raffa family has lived in the Koo Wee Rup area since the early 1950s, after Luigi Raffa migrated to Australia from Sicily. Luigi purchased the family property and worked hard growing various vegetables . . .


It all began in 1968 when Charlie and Lina married after their migration from Italy to Australia and purchased a 12-hectare farm on the outskirts of Koo Wee Rup . . .

Luigi’s sons, Lou and Con, continue his legacy to specialise in asparagus, making them one of the biggest growers in the region.

Our asparagus has distinctive sweet, juicy taste and an irresistible mouth-watering flavour. It is this flavour that sets us apart from the competition.


We are well-known for large-size asparagus. Consumers love sinking their teeth in the chunky bites to feel the crispiness and juiciness they do not get to experience with other asparagus.

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