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Other Products

Momack Produce also sources and exports quality fresh vegetables including onions, broccoli and brussel sprouts from the best growing regions in Australia.

We have a long history of exporting onions, and ship only the finest available from Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.


Our onions are available from February through to the end of July.


Dependent on customer requirements, we can pack in 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg net bags and 1200kg bulk bags.

A traditional European super food, the Brussel sprout, is gaining popularity around the world. Momack Produce markets direct from growers in Victoria where the climate is ideal to grow this vegetable.


Our growers hand pick and then pack the crop daily to ensure freshness, and packaging is usually in a 10kg wax carton. Brussel sprouts are available from March through to September.

We have a broccoli supply in all main Australian growing regions including Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia, and this allows us to provide year-round supply capabilities.


The standard pack is 26 to 28 heads per 8kg, packed in a styrofoam box with 3kg of ice. A range of head sizes is available on request and the possibility of exploring various packaging methods.

We are open to requests for other vegetable exports thanks to our extensive industry connections and second-to-none freight capabilities.

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