Momack ensures all its product is grown, packed and distributed with close attention to Food Safety, the Welfare of its Employees and the Environment.

Momack's growers and packing operations are accredited to third party independent audits covering Global-GAP, Freshcare & Woolworths Quality Assurance standards.

Pesticide Management

Whilst not organic the application of pesticides to the asparagus is very low, our asparagus has no pesticides applied to it for the entire cutting season. We residue test all crops before the start of packing and we do not export unless the product is free from all pesticide residues.

Microbiological Management

All product is washed thoroughly with chlorinated water during the packing process and then hydrocooled using sanitised water after packing to ensure the product is clean and cool before shipment.

Worker Welfare

Although Momack has mechanised as much of its production as possible, asparagus production is a highly labour intensive process with a very intensive season. Momack works with its employees and labour providers to ensure that worker welfare and its operating standards are vey high and the workforce is a happy and safe.

Environmental Standards

Asparagus crops last many years if they, and the environment they are grown in, is sympathetically managed. Momack's growers look after soil health by composting all asparagus trimmings and applying it to the crop at the end of the season to reduce artificial fertilisers. Field boundaries and margins are maintained by planting trees to encourage native wildlife and fauna. The natural underground water reserves in the main growing area result in the crop not requiring irrigation.