Australian asparagus is available from August through to January with the main season September to end of November.

Production is principally near Koo Wee Rup, 70km South East of Melbourne

Asparagus is a deciduous perennial plant which grows back each year from a root mass called a crown. Most of Momack's crops are grown from a Californian variety UC 157 F1 which gives the most consistent production of dark green spears. It takes 3 years from planting seed before a small harvest occurs, it is year 4 before real commercial quantities are harvested. A well managed asparagus crop will produce in Koo Wee Rup for at least 10 years and we have some crops older than that. 

It is not until year 5 that full production is possible and the fern reaches 2m high in the summer.


Asparagus seed is drilled in September in a "nursery" paddock. In its first year the plants will grow approximately 40cm high. In the autumn after the fern dies back the plants are dug out and the crowns are split.


The crowns are then planted in July into their permanent home.


In the second year of the plants life it will not be harvested and grows fern to 1m high