With industry leading packing technology and a never ending commitment to quality of product. Momack have a worldwide reputation for quality and customer service.


Packing is carried out using computerised vision sorting lines that measure each individual asparagus spear for diameter and colour before determining which pack it should be placed in.

Standard sizes are 230mm to 250mm long with diameter measured at the cut end of:

  • M Size     10-12mm
  • MM Size  12-16mm
  • L Size      16-20mm
  • LL Size    20-25mm
  • J Size      25mm+


Loose Packed Product

Available in export compliant wooden boxes or corflute plastic boxes 6 or 10kg net weight

LL Wood.jpg

Bunched Product

We can bunch product to customer and market specification, with double rubber bands or with wrapped taped or barcode for direct retail sale. Bunched product is normally packed 6.5kg or 10kg to a box and with loose in wooden or plastic boxes. 

Flow - wrapped

We have 2 horizontal flow wrapping machines which use pre-printed film which is ventilated to allow for fumigation if required. Pack sizes are as required and labelled on to the pack generally these packs are shipped in plastic outers for direct retail sale.