We are growers, packers & exporters, focussed on delivering a quality product to the customer at a competitive price on time.

Key personnel:

Charlie Motta

Grower & Director

Charlie has been growing fruit & vegetables, in particular asparagus his whole life. His wealth of experience in the asparagus industry ensures that high quality product is grown.

Charlie is also a director of Motta Produce Pty Ltd. combining local and imported produce they supply asparagus to the domestic markets year round.

Con Raffa

Grower & Director

Con's history is very similar to that of Charlie. An experienced asparagus grower, Con joined forces with Charlie to form an unrivalled grower partnership.

James Terry

Grower and Export Manager 

James has an Agricultural Science honours degree from the University of Sydney. James is a young agricultural professional originally from a family farm in Tasmania. He worked as an agronomist in the horticultural industry prior to starting work with Momack. James contributes to all areas of the company and will help to grow the company into the future.